Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Almost November....

I LOVE the month of November.  First and foremost, I have my birthday in November.  Secondly, SHOPPING. I'm a shopaholic, it's no secret.  And in November, shopping becomes an Olympic event between the sales and the crowds, I just love it.  Also, it used to be the month with Twilight movies. I miss Twilight. (Though if you're a Twihard like me you know that we got a GREAT Halloween treat this week from Robert and Kristen!!)

This November there's more exciting stuff, The Stamping Chef's FB group, TSC Recipes, will release a new challenge image!  This is the project I created with it. It's a giant tag to put in my art journal.

The scissors hanging from the tulle? I actually cut with those when I was a child they're TEENSY.  The martini charm is from an old charm bracelet of mine and says "FEELING" and is blue, from the trend that Jessica Simpson started with her TICKLED bag that was bright pink.  I chose that because, when I'm down I craft and it makes me happy.  The sequins are just something I love.

Members of the TSC Recipes group are able to get this image FREE for the first week of November, provided they create a project with it and upload it to the linky tool before the end of the month.  Can't wait to see what you all create with it!  Visit the shop to pick up more awesome TSC images.  Thanks so much for looking!  Oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Laters!